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The journal is a book which can be used to display any quest related information in an immersive way.

Basic InformationπŸ”—

The journal can be obtained with the /journal command or by selecting it from the quest item backpack (/backpack). It's a quest item, so you cannot put it into any chests, item frames and so on. If you ever feel the need to get rid of your journal: Just drop it! It will safely return to your backpack.

The journal is updated with the journal event, based on the text entries written inside a journal section. The entries can use color codes, but the color will be lost between pages. If you update these texts and reload the plugin, all players' journals will reflect changes.

If you want to translate the entry do the same thing as with conversation options - go to new line, add language ID and the journal text for every language you want to include.

Main PageπŸ”—

You can also add a main page to the journal. It's a list of texts, which will show only if specified conditions are met. You can define them in the journal_main_page section:

    priority: 1
      en: '&eThe Journal'
      pl: '&eDziennik'
    conditions: 'quest_started,!quest_completed'

Each string can have text in different languages, list of conditions separated by commas (these must be met for the text to show in the journal) and priority, which controls the order of texts. You can use conversation variables in the texts, but they will only be updated when the player gets his journal with the /journal command. Color codes are supported.

If you want your main page take a separate page (so entries will be displayed on next free page), set full_main_page in config.yml to "true". If you want to manually wrap the page, use the pipe | character. Use \n to create a new line.


You can control behavior of the journal in config.yml file, in the journal section. chars_per_page specifies how many characters will be placed on a single page. If you set it too high, the text will overflow outside the page, too low, there will be too many pages. one_entry_per_page allows you to place every entry on a single page. The chars_per_page setting is in this case ignored, BetonQuest will put entire entry on that page. reversed_order allows you to reverse order of entries and hide_date lets you remove the date from journal entries.

The journal by default appears in the last slot of the hotbar. If you want to change that use default_journal_slot option in config.yml, experiment with different settings until you're ok with it.

You can control colors in the journal in journal_colors section in config.yml: date is a color of date of every entry, line is a color of lines separating entries and text is just a color of a text. You need to use standard color codes without & (eg. '4' for dark red).