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Maintaining the Changelog

Before you make a commit, you should keep in mind, that you need to add a changelog entry.

We have 6 categories in the file for each version. These are general rules:

  • Write user-friendly entries - they are the ones that read the changelog after all.
  • Do not repeat the heading for individual entries
      * added new conversation style: Hologram
      * new conversation style: Hologram
  • Mark events, objectives etc. names with ` around them.

Here is a breakdown of what belongs in each section:


Do not write what class or file was added, describe the feature you added.

  - event `teleport` allows teleportation of players
  - Citizens event `movenpc` makes it possible to let a NPC walk to a specific location

Give qualified information that indicates what the user may have to be aware of. Do not write event x has now argument y - that is a new feature and belongs to Added. Only add to this section if there are changed behaviours.

  - event `teleport` now first checks if another plugin canceled the event
  - german translations have been updated

List things that have been marked for removal. Also mention possible replacements.

  - event `message` will be deleted, use the `notify` event instead
  - Minecraft recently replaced material ids with namespaces. Update your items accordingly, ids will stop working soon 

After something has been marked for removal in the category Deprecated it will end up here eventually. Repeat possible replacements.

  - `message` event, use the `notify` event instead
  - old material syntax, use material namespaces instead

Solved bugs are listed in this category. Let the users know what the bug did, so they know if they were affected. Mention if the fix changed a behaviour.

  - event `notify` did not resolve variables correctly
  - Citizens event `movenpc` is now more robust combined with other events like `stopnpc` and `teleportnpc`
    - you may need to reduce the distance beetween waypoints

If there was a security issue, you write it down here. It's nearly the same as the category Fixes. But if something can be abused to effect server security or performance, you keep the way how it can be abused secret.

  - the take event is now threadsafe
  - a deadlock in conversations was fixed

Next Steps๐Ÿ”—

Continue with Submitting Changes if all your changes are finished. But maybe you are not finished yet, and you want to go back to change Code or Docs.