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You need to follow these rules in order to contribute to the docs. They are important for a good user experience and provide a consistent baseline for other contributors to work with.

Line lengthπŸ”—

All lines must be wrapped after 121 character. You can exceed this limit by a few characters where reasonable. Tables and other special syntax are exempt from this rule.

Links can be created using Markdown's link syntax:

Click the [highlighted words](
Result: Click the highlighted words.

Displaying (YAML) codeπŸ”—

You must use code boxes with the specific language set in the header (YAML in this example). You also have to enable line numbers by adding the linenums="1" argument. Sometimes a setting a title using title="Some Title" is also useful.

Example code
 ``` YAML linenums="1" title="Codebox"
 use: "codeboxes for code"


use: "codeboxes for code"

Referring to YAML elements in written textπŸ”—

An example of this would be to reference an event name in an explanation.

The event `someEvent` prints a message to the player!

Result: The event someEvent prints a message to the player!

File namesπŸ”—

Replace all spaces in file and folder names with -!

Referring to File Names in written textπŸ”—

File names in written text must be quoted and italic.

Example: Open "events.yml" to add these new events.

Markdown Formatting ConventionsπŸ”—

Unfortunately, there are different ways to format text in Markdown. Please use the syntax outlined here:


Bold text is surrounded by two asterisks on each side: **Bold text**


Italic text is surrounded by one underscore on each side: _Italic text_


Lists must be declared as such:

* Top Level
    - Second Level
    - Second Level
* Another Top level


  • Top Level
    • Second Level
    • Second Level
  • Another Top level