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NPC HologramsπŸ”—


Required Dependency: Hologram Plugin

This feature can be activated by installing any of the following hologram plugins:

Plugin Required Version Additional Dependencies
DecentHolograms 2.7.5 or above PlaceholderAPI for in-line variables.
Holographic Displays 3.0.0 or above ProtocolLib for conditioned holograms.

If you have both plugins installed, you can use the default_hologram option in "config.yml" to set which plugin should be used.

When used by external plugins like BetonQuest, DecentHolograms does not support custom model data in items lines!

You need to use their syntax for item holograms with custom model data instead of the BetonQuest syntax.

Last checked: DecentHolograms version 2.7.9 on 2023-01-03.

Required Dependency: NPC Plugin

This feature can be activated by installing the Citizens plugin.


npc_holograms: #(7)!
  myHologram: #(8)!
    lines: #(1)!
      - "Some text!" 
    vector: 0;0.5;0 #(2)!
    follow: true #(3)!
    conditions: has_some_quest,!finished_some_quest #(4)!
    check_interval: 20 #(5)!
    npcs: #(6)!
      - 0
      - 22
  1. The lines of the hologram.
  2. A vector that points from the NPC's location to the hologram's location. Can be used to configure an offset. Optional.
  3. If the hologram follows the NPC. Optional, defaults to false.
  4. Conditions that must be true for the hologram to display.
  5. How often the conditions are checked. Optional.
  6. A list of NPC IDs that the hologram is attached to.
  7. The section that all holograms must be placed in.
  8. The identifier of the hologram. Must be unique.

All other hologram features are also supported.

If you have moving NPCs (walking around) then you can have the holograms follow them by setting follow: true, but this will cause a lot of updates to the holograms and may cause lag if used on a lot of NPCs. So only set this to true for holograms with an NPC that actually moves.