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Player Hider

Hiding Players๐Ÿ”—

You can also hide players for specific players in the player_hider section of your package. When the source_player meets the conditions, every player that meets the target_player conditions will be completely hidden from them. This is really useful if you want a lonely place on your server or your quests break when multiple players can see or affect each other. You can configure the interval which checks the conditions in the config.yml.

Special behaviour:

  • A player that meets the source_playerconditions can no longer be pushed by other players.
  • By leaving the e.g. source_player argument empty it will match all players.
  example_hider:  #All players in a special region cannot see any other players in that region. If a player is outside the region, they can still see the `target_player`.
    source_player: in_StoryRegion
    target_player: in_StoryRegion
  another_hider: #No one can see any players inside a secret room.
    #The source_player argument is left out to match all players.    
    target_player: in_secretRoom
  empty_hider: #in_Lobby is a world condition. Therefore, the lobby world appears empty for everyone that is in it.
    source_player: in_Lobby
    #The target_player argument is left out to match all players.