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Quest CancelersπŸ”—

You can easily let players cancel their quests using the cancel option in the quest backpack (or /cancelquest). Cancelers also provide an easy way to clean up all the data that was created during the quest. They can also be triggered by events.


Define a cancel section anywhere in your quest package. This section will contain all cancelers. Each canceler has an identifier.

    name: "&2Wood for the Innkeeper" #(1)!
    conditions: "wood_started,!wood_paid" #(2)!
    objectives: "farmWood" #(3)!
    tags: "wood_started,wood_done,wood_paid" #(4)!
    points: "wood" #(5)!
    journal: "wood_started,wood_done,wood_paid" #(6)!
    events: "punishPlayer,sendMessage" #(7)!
    location: "100;200;300;world" #(8)!
    name: "&4Dragon Slayer"
    conditions: "dragon_started,!dragon_done"
    objectives: "killDragon"
  1. Display name that will be shown in the GUI.The name can be translated with this syntax:
      en: '&2Wood for Innkeeper' # English translation
      de: '&2Holz fΓΌr den Gastwirt' # German translation
  2. A list of conditions separated by commas. The player needs to meet all those conditions to be able to cancel this quest. Place there the ones which detect that the player has started the quest, but he has not finished it yet.
  3. A list of all objectives used in this quest. They will be canceled without firing their completion events.
  4. A list of tags that will be deleted. Place here all tags that you use during the quest.
  5. A list of all points that will be entirely deleted from the player.
  6. These journal entries will be removed from the player's journal.
  7. You can run any event when the player cancels a quest. For example, if you want to punish the player for canceling a quest list the related events here.
  8. This is a location to which the player will be teleported when canceling the quest. Use the ULF format.

Cancel a quest: cancelπŸ”—

This event works in the same way as a quest canceler in the backpack.

Running this event is equal to the player canceling a quest using the backpack. The only argument is the identifier of a quest canceler, as defined in the cancel section.

cancelQuest: "cancel woodQuest"